Deep Cleaning

Looking for having your home shining again? Call us!

Items included in our Deep Cleaning:

All areas

* Vacuum upholstery.
* Vacuum and Mop floors.
* Wipe down ceiling fan blades.
* Wipe finger prints and smudges of doors and doorframes.
* Wipe baseboards.
* Wipe all pieces of furniture.
* Remove cob webs.
* Windows glasses and frame (inside).
* Wipe light switchers.
* Wipe of lights and light fixtures (excludes chandeliers).
* Empty all trash cans and replace trash bags.
* Dust blinds.
* Clean vent covers.

Exclusive kitchen items

* De-scale faucets.
* Clean out aerators.
* Clean sinks.
* Wipe down all surfaces (cabinets, counter tops, etc).
* Clean garbage cans, recycling bins and wastebaskets (outside).
* Deep clean stove top.
* Wipe exterior of appliances (fridge, stove, oven, dish washer, microwave).
*Put away dishes (into the dishwasher).
* Wipe inside the microwave oven.
* “All areas” items.

Exclusive bathrooms items

* Scrub grout.
* Scrub and deep cleaning the toiled.
* Clean toothbrush holder.
* Scrub and deep cleaning (Shower and/or tub).
* Clean mirror with glass cleaner.
* “All areas” items.

Exclusive bedrooms items

* Make all beds.
* “All areas” items.