Standard Cleaning

Keep your home tidy and clean with our regular standard cleanings! Call us!

Items included in our Standard Cleaning:

All areas

* Cob webs are removed.
* All surfaces are dusted.
* Baseboards are dusted.
* All hard floors are vacuumed and mopped.
* Upholstery is vacummed.
* All carpet floors are vacuumed.
* Tables are wiped clean.
* Windows blinds are dusted.

Exclusive kitchen items

* Wiping of the outside of all appliances.
* General wiping of the kitchen area.
* Wiping of inside of the microwave oven.
* Cleaning of the stove top.
* General wiping of the kitchen area.
* “All areas” items.

Exclusive bathrooms items

* Bathroom tiles are cleaned and disinfected.
* Toilet is cleaned and disinfected.
*Sink is cleaned and disinfected.
* Shower area is scrubbed, rinsed and dried.
* Mirrors are cleaned.
* “All areas” items.

Exclusive bedrooms items

* Make all beds.
* “All areas” items.