Gift Card – 4 cleaning hours


  • 4 hours of detailed residential cleaning service
  • Cleaning supplies and equipment included


The product consists of 4 cleaning hours, which means a visit of 4h in one cleaner or 2h in 2 cleaners.

During that period the customer can set their priorities and our cleaners will get as much as possible done during the hired period. The amount of time required to clean a specific area will depend on the conditions of the place.

To maximize the amount of areas accomplished during the visit we highly recommend that the customer leave the areas to be cleaned free and clear, as clearing up areas to be cleaned is a time-consuming activity and can take a good part of the visits’s time.

The customer only needs to provide trash bags and paper towels, all other cleaning products and equipment are included.

The kind of activities included in the visit are:

* Vacuum upholstery.
* Vacuum and Mop floors.
* Wipe down ceiling fan blades.
* Wipe fingerprints and smudges off doors and doorframes.
* Wipe baseboards.
* Wipe all pieces of furniture.
* Remove cobwebs.
* Windows glasses and frame (inside).
* Wipe light switchers.
* Wipe of lights and light fixtures (excludes chandeliers).
* Empty all trash cans and replace trash bags.
* Dust blinds.
* Clean vent covers.

* De-scale faucets.
* Clean out aerators.
* Clean sinks.
* Wipe down all surfaces (cabinets, countertops, etc).
* Clean garbage cans, recycling bins and wastebaskets (outside).
* Deep clean stove top.
* Wipe exterior of appliances (fridge, stove, oven, dishwasher, microwave).
*Put away dishes (into the dishwasher).
* Wipe inside the microwave oven.

* Scrub grout.
* Scrub and deep clean the toiled.
* Clean toothbrush holder.
* Scrub and deep cleaning (Shower and/or tub).
* Clean mirror with glass cleaner.

* Make beds



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